Friday, August 12, 2011

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual

The art of applying makeup is one of my new found interests!
It has come to my attention that very few women know how to apply makeup. I have observed on many occasions the' foundation mask' know, when women walk around covered in foundation that does not match their skin tone. The result: they look like they are wearing the white scream mask or even worse they appear ''over tanned'' on their face and a non- matching body.
Besides how irritating it is to me that people don't realise this themselves or why it is no one they know informs them of their error, I have come to the conclusion that badly applied makeup is the direct result of a lack of knowledge on what to use and how!
I have purchased Bobbi Brown's book or as it's title states: Makeup Manual and I can positively review that it is indeed a great guide.
For those of you who are not familiar with Bobbi Brown, she is a professional makeup artist well known to celebrities and fashion designers and she is the founder of her own cosmetics line.
This book is very well written as it is meant both for beginners and pros. I recommend it to any women who appreciates makeup. It is thorough in it's explanations, it covers all the basic rules and applies different ones for different skin tones which was a big selling point for me. The manual also explains the exact role different types of makeup play, who knew liquid foundation and cream foundation is used for differently. The book is full of easy tips and tricks as well as full on explanation and also diverts and links makeup to face structure and shape.

You can skim through the pages on Amazon
Let me know what you think

Hair Inspiration...

I love hair! It's an unhealthy relationship I tend to have with my hair. I'm so attached to it! Funnily enough I'm not the most adventurous when it comes to my mane, I admire women you see with, for example, completely ''normal'' hair and the next second they've had it cut, dyed purple and it looks even more amazing than it did before!
I've always wanted to look good in those ''I just got up and threw my hair up'' pony tails and 'those' perfect pieces just fall out and sway the right way.

I just have to accept that I will not be sporting one of those flawless ponytails any time soon.. or hats for that matter! Yet another rocking accessory that just seems to hate me! I love hats from funky beach styles to winter beanies but if I could suit any hat it would be a cap, If you can pull off a cap.. that's Hot!


Summer straw hats are such a great accessory such as the style Jessica Alba is sporting in the picture above.I will not give up my search until a hat I suit is sat atop my head!
I like character to stand out in outfits and hats really add that touch.
Kim Kardashian(above left) gives her outfit a great look bout down dressing it with a cap.

Hats are back.
The Royal Wedding back in April inspired a range of phenomenal hats!
I stumbled upon an article on The bogar blog  about the hat trend this globally watched even brought on.
It was all about the bride's dazzling dress but no one expected hats to make such a statement!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Where shall I put this??

I've recently been busy, I do apologise for my non posting! I have been re-organising my flat as I was missing major storage space and I have come to realise that all this make up and jewellery we girls own really takes up a lot of it! More importantly, I never know how I should be storing these items!

Make up tossed in a drawer seems to take up unnecessary space and I do not come to find this system all that practical! My next area of crisis has to be my jewellery; I have a serious bone to pick with who ever invented jewellery boxes!
Necklaces get all tangled and mixed up, what about earrings?? The longer, more delicate ones are very hard to ''toss in a box'' without damaging them, at least in the long run, so where the h*** do we store these items?

I have brainstormed and searched various ways to better organise these items, for me practicality is key!

Silverware Tray

Plain old usual silverware tray with sections. I have personally used something similar to this for my make up. 
The independent compartments are ace for organising mascara, make up pencils, lip glosses and so on!
These trays come in different shapes, sizes, color as well as material. You can get yourself a stainless steel one for a different look!

 Compartmented Trays

These boxes or trays ( They come minus the lid too) are reasonably easy to find in most DIY stores and are cheap indeed!
Some boxes come with larger sections which allows it to be used for make up as per the previous example otherwise they are terrific for storing your small lip gloss or eye shadows as well as rings and earrings

I will also add that using a cupcake tray will also make a great alternative for jewellery storage!

This is what I did using a comparmented tray

Earring Frame
Most fashion earring, probably with the exception of studs, are quite 'tricky' to organise and store.
Did you know: Jewellery should be stored the way it is worn.
This can prove particularly difficult when it comes to earrings.
I really like this idea! It's incredibly creative as well as decorative and it surely is practical.
This is also very easy to make yourself, all you need is :
  • A picture frame
  • Wire mesh/ window screen/ chicken wire
  • Heavy duty stapler
That's it!

The little Earring book

During my research for storing ideas, I came across this special case made to store earrings and it's shaped as a book! I love it, I know it's not part of the ''easy homemade'' solutions but I just had to share it with you. Also excellent for travelling.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

'' I heart Military''

yes yes I am a sucker for this military inspired look!!
military coat from Zara

When it comes to military I have a few options on my wish list! My first are some flat military style boots:
I luurve these! I found them on Amazon and they will most definitely be purchased before winter!!
These are precious!!! the faux fur cuff is the perfect touch, these are HOT, there's no denying it!!

This wouldn't be a full post without the knee high, lace up military style boots!!  Also a must have!!
Let me know what it is You cannot resist when it comes to fashion? I might even post your faves!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The power of make up...

I cannot tell you guys how exactly it is that I landed on this video but it is absolutely amazing!
This girl has a serious talent when it comes to make up, she has absolutely mastered the art! I personally was shocked by what make up can do... Never be fooled, not again at least.
*Gimme your thoughts*

My Current Obsessions!

Feather Earrings
I am completely obsessed by this trend!  Thinking about it, I'm quite taken by the general feather fashion, in moderation obviously but I've seen some great feather hair extensions as well!
From searching around, I've come to realise that all the shops are selling these:
Forever 21 have some simples ones, kaboodle is another online site where you can purchase some cute feather earrings. I'll be adding a few links at the end.

It's now time however for me to reveal to you my ultimate wish list feather earrings
These are made by a small shop called Owlita, they have their own site and online store, they are slightly pricey however but quality cannot be faked!

shopping for feather earrings:

Hommage to 'Sex and the city'

It's past midnight and here I sit rewatching the 1st season of sex and the city for the millionth time if not more!
I absolutely love that show,one of the best if you ask me..I never get bored of the episodes, it's such a feel good series!